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    Introduce MITACO CO., LTD


  • Introduce <span>MITACO CO., LTD </span>

      Mitaco aims to provide high quality human resources for Japanese partners and create a good future for the generation of Vietnamese youth who want to study - work in Japan and be progressive. Our motto is to put Credibility in the first place. So in our work as consultants, professional training, in cooperation we accompany you throughout the journey "from the first step until the end ...".

      Mitaco with the Board of Directors has more than 20 years of experience working with Japanese partners in the field of human resources cooperation, fluent in Japanese, understanding of Japanese culture and working style ... Mitaco believes will bring many opportunities for cooperation in providing human resources to meet the requirements of Japanese businesses, and is a reliable place for young Vietnamese people who want to study and work in Japan.

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    Job Recruitment Wage Workplace
    [Japanese Labor Export]-Recruitment 35 Male - Female Mechanical Engineers, Cars, Mechatronics 1-7-2020 40.000.000 vnd / tháng Kanagawa- Nhật Bản
    [Japanese Labor Export]-Recruiting 5 Men Producing Wood Furniture 1-7-2020 30.000.000 vnd /tháng Gifu- Japan
    [Japanese Labor Export]-Recruitment 5 Machining Metal Molds 1-7-2020 30.000.000 vnd / tháng Osaka- Japan
    [Japanese Labor Export]-Recruit 30 Female Laundry 01-06-2020 32.000.000 vnd / tháng Gifu- Japan
    [Japanese Labor Export] -Recruiting 6 Female Assembly Electric Devices 01-06-2020 32.000.000 vnd / tháng Aichi-Nhật Bản

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      We accompany you throughout the career: From the first step until the end ...

      Customer reviews

      Proud to bring quality & reputation services

      I am joining the trainee team of Mitaco, the first course of Labor Export to Japan. Before joining, although I was consulted from my family and Mitaco's staff, I was very excited because I really could not imagine how to study and work with Japanese companies? Can I speak and hear Japanese? Am I guaranteed the good learning and living environment in Mitaco? ... Now I am able to smile in relief and be confident with Japanese and the learning and living environment is not only very good here. Still very dear .... Thank you Mitaco, loving family.

    • Lê Thị Thùy Nhi
    • Lê Thị Thùy Nhi Trainee

      Hello Mitaco, I am really happy and happy to study and participate in activities with the Mitaco family. I like the atmosphere here.Mitaco is helping me every day to improve my Japanese language and career orientation. I love Mitaco.

    • Nguyen Thanh Hoang
    • Nguyen Thanh Hoang Trainee

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